Volunteer Team

Volunteer Opportunities

Potential Roles

Project Team Volunteer

Join one of our 5 project teams - training is provided for most roles:


  • Advocacy and Outreach

  • Finance and Fundraising*

  • Human Resources

  • Administrative

  • Neurocognitive Rehabilitation


*Note: we are in great need of volunteers for the Finance & Fundraising team. Individuals with financial/accounting backgrounds are welcome, but in general, fundraising volunteers don't need any prior experience and all training will be provided.

Brain Buddies

Our matching program where volunteer  and patient are matched for one of two possibilities:

  1. Meet once a week at a mutually convenient time and place for the patient and volunteer to do Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Activities (including activities such as arts and crafts, further resources can be made available to you)

  2. Accompany patient to our weekly Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Sessions on a weekday evening in the St. John's area

Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Instructors

Individuals who are trained or confident in teaching a skill to patients. Various skills include cooking, baking, music, languages, and photography, among many others.

We also have a range of other volunteer opportunities to suit individuals with specific backgrounds, such as business, iPhone/Android App development, and many others.

We are quite flexible, if you have any other ideas as to how you can contribute to our organization, please contact us at npanl@live.com.